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Forever Jewelry Events



Create an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones with the Forever Jewelry Collection at your next event. You can create a lasting memory that will have you cherishing your special moments forever.

The Forever Jewelry Collection offers a beautiful balance of minimalist design and dainty sophistication. Each piece is carefully crafted and welded to ensure lasting quality. Wear your Forever Jewelry for years to come and enjoy timeless pieces that never go out of style. 

IMPORTANT READ - Please read below before making the appointment.

We require all events a booking fee of $120 to secure the date and materials. Any events that are outside of the 25 miles radius of San Francisco, will have an additional cost of $50 to cover travel fees. 

Optional* If you'd like us to bring ready-to-wear Hearten Co. collections, we are happy to bring additional items for your guests.

Please see below for the pricing of all chains. Charms & connectors range from $5-$180 depending on the material. 

*We do not offer our zapping service to clients that are 14 and younger even with the parent's consent. This is for a safety reason. We are happy to create a regular bracelet, anklet or necklace with the chains for you to still enjoy our pieces! 

POLICY, WAIVER, FAQ - Important to read and understand before making the appointment. Every client will be asked to sign this form in agreement before the service begins.

We specialize in private parties and small company team events. 

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14k Gold Chains 

Flat Krinkle 109

Elongated Diamond Cut 189

Textured Cable 285

Classic Curb 298


Gold-filled Chains 

Textured Oval 59

Diamond Cut Oval 65

Twisted Long & Short 65

Oval Dapped 70

Petite 74

Figaro 76

Paperclip 76

Cable Dapped 91

Flat bar 97


Sterling Silver Chains

Flat Curb Diamond Cut 59

Paperclip 70

Round Curb 83

Figaro 83

Diamond Cut Rolo 77